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INJECTACHEM is a registered Trade Mark and Patent. Profan Systems and manufacturing (Pty) Ltd. t/a INJECTACHEM is wholly owned South African company working towards a healthier, greener planet. 



COVID is more contagious than previously thought. 

About the product

All operations managers should know that Air Conditioning Systems and cooling towers are a potential breeding ground for Legionella. Many offices become sick from ducted Air conditioners as the disease is carried through the system. Anything creating moist air is a potential source of infection. The severe effects of a new disease can be Respiratory Syndrome (SARS H5N1), Swine Flu (H1N1)

 2019 Outbreak of Corona Virus (COVERT19) worldwide pandemic. Figures to be updated as this is currently an on-going pandemic where numbers are not full and final yet. Will be followed up from WHO and their statistics. COVID 19 W.H.O. STATS

 A typical pneumonia first immerged in November 1992 in South China and spread to 29 states in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. Official reports stated 900 deaths from this disease.

 Influenza, and viruses cause global pandemics because of the high degree of transmissibility. The most recent pandemic 1918 to 1919 Approximately 30 - 40 million people died world-wide from the influenza pandemic. (Spanish flu) type H1 – 1957 pandemic – sub type H2N2 1968 -1969 pandemic Hong Kong H3N2. Russia pandemic 1977 sub type N1H1.

 Swine flu H1N1 started in March 18th, 2009 reported in Mexico it has now spread to 67 countries with 4626 infected within 3 months. The virus hit the U.K. in May 2009 with its first case and now there are reported over 1433 cases with its 18 deaths been reported most recently in the U.K. South Africa recorded its first case of swine flu as of June 2009.


The short answer is - YES. As much as we don’t want to hear it, it is true. The big question is. WHAT’S NEXT?



 All units will be mounted with brackets, either on the AHU or on the wall of the air handling unit. A 16mm hole will be drilled into the duct work, immediately in front of the fan and where the supply air is ducted.

 An atomizer is inserted facing down the duct, where a measured amount of detergent is delivered as a super fine mist. A huge area is therefore treated with maximum effect and this is the most inexpensive way of treating the duct work constantly as the machines dispense the. Germ Killer” at various stages and timed intervals. The atomizer is secured in place by a small aluminum plate which is riveted in place.

 There is no interference to the normal operation of the AHU and the holes can easily be plugged with rubber grommets and sealed if removed.

 INJECTACHEM units run on 220V supply and are extremely efficient as the system is pressure charged and will use a very small amount of power to charge the system again. All of which is controlled automatically.

 A team of trained professional staff will install each unit to the required standards and quality control procedures.

Installing the INJECTACHEM

Installing the INJECTACHEM Clean Air Treatment System throughout air conditioning plants, will without a doubt make you another leader in creating a healthy place for everyone that visits and occupies the premises.  

 INJECTACHEM uses “Injectachem Germ Killer and Germ Killer Air” in all its applications.

The product is:

 ~         ISO 14001 Rated

~         Ozone Friendly

~         Non-Toxic

~         Non-Flammable

~         And has a very pleasant jasmine fragrance.

 An MSDS report is included in this presentation.

 “Injectachem Germ Killer” is PROVEN to kill 99.99% of the following diseases, moulds & fungi:


 RESULTS                                                                   EFFECT

1. Escherichia coli                                                                 99.9995

2. Pseudomonas aeruginosa                                                 99.9999

3. Staphylococcus aurous                                                     99.9997

4. Salmonella choleraosuis                                                   99.9992

5. Enterobacter aerogenes                                                    99.9992

6. Leagionelia pneumophila                                                   99.9998


INJECTACHEM will be responsible for the installation, repairs maintenance and replenishment of the germ killer of all the units throughout the lease agreement, all inclusive of the monthly rental with a 24 hour back up service.

 Maintenance will be carried out on a quarterly basis where there will be an internal filter clean, pressure gauge test, detergent replenishment, cleaning of reservoir and replacement of the atomizers ensuring optimum operation of each unit installed.


 All engineers will wear the necessary protection clothing, such as gloves and eyewear when handling the detergent.

 INJECTACHEM will be responsible for any spills and the correct procedures will be adhered to as per the “Material Safety Data Sheets”

 All INJECTACHEM engineers are fully trained and qualified.

 INJECTACHEM is a registered Trade Mark and Patent.

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